1. Am I required use google chrome to be able to use JoltPost?

Yes, JoltPost is an addon to google chrome so you are required to use google chrome when you want to use JoltPost.

2. Is Shopify synced with other third-party platforms?

The only third-party platform Shopify is synced to is eBay. Other third-party platforms you would have to manually updated the inventory.

3. What is the difference between the created before/after and updated before/after?

The created after/before date is the original date the item was created or input into Shopify. The updated after/before date is the day the user has most recently updated a products attribute. For example, if the consumer changes a price of an item, the day they have changed the price would be the updated date whereas the day the user input the product into the inventory would be the created date.

4. When typing in a date for an attribute, how should it be formatted?

Dates should be formatted as YYYY-MM-DD (Year-Month-Date).

5. What is the vendor attribute?

The vendor attribute is the brand of the product you are looking for.

6. Can attribute be combined?

Yes. Combing attributes will help load up your inventory quicker if you are looking for specific items. For example, if you wanted to pull pants that were created after October 23 of 2021 and before November 20 of 2021, that ranged at a price of $80-200, then you would select product type and type in pants, then select add additional and press on the created after attribute and type in 2021-10-23 then select add additional, and select created before and type in 2021-11-20, and select add additional one last time and select the price range attribute and type if 80 for min and 200 for max.

7. Does the Shopify inventory update when an item is sold through a third party like Poshmark or Tradesy?

No, you would have to manually create an order with the item on Shopify to update the inventory. You may reference our video “Poshmark to Shopify” for a step-by-step instruction on how to do so.

8. An order came through on eBay however it did not populate onto Shopify.

It may take a few hours for an order to populate onto Shopify from eBay however if it has been over 24 hours complete the order through eBay and create a new order through Shopify. You will pay for shipping on eBay so you would have to fulfill the item and enter in the tracking number.

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